Windows 10 won’t boot

By | March 7, 2022

This Dell laptop was just collected from the customer earlier on, after calling to advise us of the fault with the laptop.   They said that it had been running a check disk process recently and now it won’t start at all. When you try to boot up the laptop, it tries to do an automatic repair and fails every time.

Windows 10 Reinstall + Data Recovery

Clearly, for some reason, the Windows 10 operating system has become corrupted. We will first remove the SSD snd test it to check its health. If it passes, we will need to recover all the user data as it hadn’t been backed up.

We will then reformat the SSD, reinstall windows and restore the user’s data back to the laptop.

If your laptop won’t start up, please contact us to discuss the options for your laptop repair and data recovery if necessary.