Virus Removal

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Virus Removal Falkirk

Virus infections are an ever-increasing problem in today’s digital world, that’s why it’s so important to
ensure that you have active and up to date Antivirus protection at all times.  However, even using Antivirus products it’s impossible to stay protected all the time.   We see many customers with paid Antivirus who come in requesting our help to get rid of Viruses that have infected their computers.

The reason for this is that thousands of viruses are being built and released daily.  Understandably the Antivirus companies can’t know about them right away.  It takes time for them to obtain samples of the viruses in order to determine the code and then release fixes that are downloaded to your computer.

It can take weeks from the first instance of a virus, to the point where the Antivirus company finds a solution and creates a software update for your Antivirus software.  If you are experiencing unusual behaviour on your computer it may be the result of a virus infection.  It’s important not to open any attachments that are sent to you in emails from individuals or companies
whom you don’t know, this is one of the most common ways of infection.

Computers are also commonly infected through key generators for cracked downloaded software, which
are sometimes packed with nasty viruses and Trojans and are a typical way people infect their
computers.  Be wary of any executable files you download unless, from reputable sources, these files end
with the file extension .exe

If you suspect your system has become infected, then stop using it right away and contact us for assistance.

These days viruses are smart and some can modify themselves ad make copies that are stored in
various places on your computer.  Some can even make themselves undetectable by disabling your
Antivirus software or deep-rooting themselves into a system.  This new bread of smart viruses can cause serious damage and shut down computer security mechanisms, such as the firewall, allowing unregulated access to your computer.

In such cases, you may need professional help to remove the virus infections and restore your computer
to working order.  We have lots of experience in this area and can successfully disable and remove all
viruses, and repair all damage.

We can help remove all types of Virus and Malware infections, leaving your computer clean and safe to use.