System Tune Up

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Computer System Tune-up

Is your computer running slow, crashing or freezing up?

Don’t worry help is at hand. We offer a Full System Tune-up which can get your system working well once again!   Most Laptops and Desktops suffer from these problems due to several factors, which include a build-up of Temporary Cached Data, Excessive Background Processes & Services, Hard Drive Fragmentation, Registry Errors, etc, to name just a few of the issues that build up over time!

What can be done about this?  We can clean out your system, correct the errors and fragmentation,
reduce the processes and optimise the windows shell, etc. The outcome will be a faster and more stable
system that’s optimised for better performance.

We recommend having a Full System Tune-up every 12 months to a year in order to keep your system
running smoothly. Not only will it run better, reducing the processing will lower wear and tear and can
increase the lifespan of the system by up to 50%.

For better computer system performance, try or Full System Tune-up to optimise your system and get it
working as good as new, if not better!