Restoring an iPad

By | March 4, 2022

Sometimes the simplest of things can turn out to be the most complicated and time-consuming.   I was helping a customer update from their old, out of date and no longer supported iPad 4, to a new 10.2″ iPad 2021.

I connected the old iPad to my PC and backed up the iPad, which went fine and took about 10 – 15 minutes.  Then I came to restore the data onto the new iPad and it Kept failing over and over, saying that the iPad had disconnected.

Finally, it ended up corrupting the iPad operating system and left the iPad in restore mode.

However, I was able to download a restore file through iTunes and restore the iPad, before then restoring the backed up user data.

I thought that’s backing up to PC would have been the quickest option.  However, it may have been simpler just to have backed up the old iPad to iCloud and download all the user data onto the new one.

Backup and restore to new iPad