Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop

By | April 3, 2022

This Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop is pretty high specification and costs around £3,000 new.  Just a pity they hadn’t designed the way the hinges connect to the lid a bit better.   After just a year of use, this laptop was coming apart at the right side as the metal bushing bracket, which secured the right hinge to the screen assembly, had broken away from the lid.  Upon closer inspection, it would appear that this metal bracket was only glued to the lid.

We could have tried to sand the old glue away and bond them back together, but who knows what kind of adhesive would work the best or if it would break away again in the future.  Rather than take that chance, it was decided to order a replacement t from a supplier in China.   Unfortunately, it took a couple of weeks to arrive but it was a match and was fitted within 24 hours of arriving. The customer is more than happy to have this expensive laptop restored to working order.


Lenovo Legion Laptop - Broken Hinge Bracket