By | March 28, 2022
When this customer got the hard drive SMART warning it was already too later for their hard drive.  It’s important to make regular backups to an external drive and use something like Microsoft onedrive that automatically backups up your files to their remote cloud server.   This happens automatically when you have an internet connection, any existing file that is modified or any new file created, will be backed up within a couple of seconds from clicking on save. By default, the standard backup locations are the Desktop, Documents and Pictures.   
The Hard Drive was so far gone that we would have had to send it to one of the specialist recovery labs that we used for advanced data recovery, naturally, this can be quite expensive.  It’s always best to plan ahead with your important data, we recommend a physical backup once a week to an external hard drive and having a cloud backup running.. Always have your data in 3 places, the computer and 2 backups. 
HDD SMART Warning - Hard Drive Failure