Computer Upgrades

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Computer Hardware Upgrades
We are able to upgrade PC and Laptop Components upon request in order to improve the performance
of a laptop or PC.  The main components that are necessary to upgrade over time are as follows:
RAM – Random Access Memory: Ram is a form of temporary storage used by windows and any
programs or software that are running in the background or being used by you.  The more RAM the
higher the performance of the system CPU – Central Processing Unit: The CPU speed determines how fast data is processed. Sometimes referred to as the “brain” on a computer, it makes thousands of calculations in a fraction of a second.HDD – Hard Disk Drive: This is where your operating system (windows/linux) is stored and run from, Itis also where also your data such as documents, music and video are stored.  The larger the size of the Hard Drive (measured in GB: Gigabytes) the more you can download and store on your computer.

CD or DVD Drive: – This is used to read data from optical disks such as DVD’s and CD’s. Nowadays
most new computers have CD/DVD writers for burning data to disks for storage or to make a copy of a
movie or music album, etc.  However sometimes the drives won’t last long as the separate lenses for
reading and writing data can burn out and the only alternative is to replace the drive with a new one.

For more information or to request an upgrade of any hardware or components please