Hard Drive Data Recovery

By | April 24, 2022
If you drop your laptop and the hard drive stops functioning.  Please don’t open it as this customer had done as you can not only make things 10 times worse, in some cases it will be impossible to recover your data. 

          There are all kinds of guides and youtube tutorials with people suggesting different things to try.  If your data is important and you can’t live without it, forget the guides and only go to a professional.

When opening hard drives, you need a special clean room environment with air filtration systems.  Getting even a spec of 2 of dust inside the drive and on the disk players is a serious problem.

A lot of the specialist recovery labs will refuse to accept any hard drives that have been opened by the customer, as it’s like opening a can of worms.. they could have caused all kinds of additional damage that will make things 10 times worse.

Even though this customer opened the drive, we were lucky enough to be able to recover all their data and transfer this onto a new 2TB external Hard Drive.   The customer was over the moon with the recovery, as all their accounts were on this drive and there was no backup. 


Hard Drive Data Recovery