Double HP Hard Drive Failure

By | March 17, 2022
Today we have 2 HP laptops that have been brought in for testing as they were both running super slow.  One of the customers had tried to reset windows, which was unable to complete and left his laptop unable to boot up into windows.  The other customer’s laptop was still working but barely functional, and took forever to respond.  In my opinion, it was completely unusable.

After removing and testing the hard drive, it was apparent that both HP laptops had hard drives that were both failing.  You might think, is this an HP thing?  Well, the answer is no, it happens with all mechanical hard drives, some sooner than others.. it just so happens that HP is one of the most popular brands and make a decent laptop. 

We never replace mechanical hard drives like for like, unless the customer specifically requests this.. for example, if it’s a large capacity drive like a 4TB, in which case an SSD upgrade would be a few times the cost of a mechanical drive. In which scenario, we would recommend using a small-sized SSD for the Windows operating system and keeping the 4TB for data only.  4TB mechanical HDD’s only come in the 3.5″ size which would of course only into a Desktop PC and not a laptop, which use 2.5 inch SSDs on m.2 varied sizes of Sata and PCIe SSD.  

Both these laptops have had the hard drives replaced with 2.5-inch Sata SSD’s.  One was able to be successfully cloned, but the other HDD was too far gone and that laptop got a fresh reinstall of Windows 10. 


Double HP Hard Drive Failure and SSD Upgrades