Data Recovery Services

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We can recover deleted data files from Hard Drives, Digital Camera Media Storage Cards – Portable
Driver, Pen Drives, etc.  Even in cases when the drive has been reformatted or the partition deleted.

In the event that you accidentally delete data in whatever form whether it’s a picture on a media card, a
document on a pen drive or a file on your computer hard drive, it’s important to stop using the device immediately as it couldn’t make it impossible to recover the lost data.

In order to ensure recovery of the deleted data please don’t use the storage device for
adding new data. In the case of a computers Hard Disk, even if you don’t download or manually add
files..  New data is being written to the drive all the time for windows updates, drive monitoring, etc. The best thing to do is not use the computer till it’s brought to us for the recovery process.

If the hard drive has been reformatted or a partition deleted, don’t try and create a new
partition and do not re-install the operating system.