Data Solutions - Backup / Storage / Transfer / Cloud / Sharing
Data Transfer
If you have just purchased a new PC or laptop you will most likely have an old one which has a lot
stored on it's hard drive, i.e. Music, Videos, Photo's and Documents.  We can help by either
transferring the actually hard disk drive to the new computer or alternatively transferring the data
straight from one Hard Disk Drive to the other.

Data Backup
Do you have important data you want to safeguard and protect?  We can install a second internal
Hard Drive into PC's so that your files ban be backed up, this prevents data loss through hard drive
failure which can happen when least expected.

Data Storage
We can offer increased storage for all types of computer systems or networks.  If your hard drive is
getting full and you need increased storage we can install a second internal hard drive or alternatively
clone your data and system files over to one of larger capacity.  This later approach would cause the
least inconvenience, as it would avoid having to reinstall the operating system (windows) and any
currently installed software.

Cloud Storage
We are now able to offer cloud storage solutions.  This is primarily for business customers who wish to
easily access their documents over the internet from home and work.

File Sharing
If you need to share files between various machines over the same home or business network, we can
setup file and printer share networking between computers running windows operating systems.
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