windows 8 not to be cracked

The new verification system for Windows 8 – OA 3.0 is incurring  additional costs for ODMs and which would eventually result in  ODM’s charging a heavy manufacturing charges to the Brand vendors for the same.

For the OA 3.0, Microsoft plans to pre-install the Windows 8 operating system into PC’s BIOS and will have consumers key-in the authorization key to activate the software through an Internet connection and will completely abandon its previous method of using a COA label,according to Digitimes sources Report.

This new method would require additional time for Windows 8 installation as compared to the previous method and would cost more since microsoft will charge fees as per number of installations and as the technicians would also require to undergo training.

Microsoft is taking these measures keeping in mind the crackers agenda towards cracking new upcoming operating systems,as the history of previous Windows releases suggests it was prone to the crackers attacks bypassing the Microsoft’s OEM activation certificates.

why is windows so expensive

Why is it that windows costs so much to buy when you can get linux operating systems for nothing. it will cost anyone on average of £100 for windows software and you can’t even get the coding so you can edit it to do what you want it to do unlike some of the open sources software that is out there at least you can get the coding to edit it as well and it also costs you nothing for the software.

The drawback of buying a netbook over a laptop or a pc

Everyone today is always wanting things to be smaller which has brought me to this topic why buy a netbook over a laptop or a desktop pc well everyone is wanting this to be smaller so it doesn’t take up so much space.
well they maybe nice and small and take up less room but you have to mind this as well netbooks don’t have cd drives so you can’t install just buy a game or a bit of software to install as it won’t work without a external cd drive and also if any of the parts become faulty on the netbook they can be more expensive to replace and longer to get to the part as there is more to strip away to get to one part. laptops can be expensive as well but think about what extra things you will have to buy when you buy a netbook over a laptop or a desktop.

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things to hate about windows vista

this is a topic i could spend all day on there are so many problems with windows vista one of the most common one is that regardless of how much RAM memory you put in you computer or laptop vista is that greedy it will always take from 40 to 60 % of it just for system processes i mean that is stupid what OS has ever done this other than vista and also what is it about vista that no matter what you do to it to speed it up it still runs stupidly slow i mean people want speed out of there computers not have to shovel coal in to speed it up like a train i think that vista was and still is the most stupidest windows they have ever brought out

hard drive reliability

quite recently i have come to relise that more and more hard drives are failing what are the hard drive companies doing it looks like they are trying to get us to pay more and more for the hard drives as they are failing so quickly on people it looks na lot like there quality control isn’t as good as it used to be or they not making the drives to with stand the use they are going through these days

Is the Internet alive?

This may sound like a strange thing to suggest that the internet may be alive, but it’s something that a lot of people are starting to consider.

First of all if we consider what exactly constitutes life:
Organization, Metabolism, Growth, Adaptation, Response To Stimuli and

well the internet is basically made up of organised banks of information that lives on servers in data centre’s. when a computer is online and connected to the internet data is sent back and forward from various servers around the work creating another element in the network. This network of computers and servers around the wold which are sending and receiving data constantly are very similar to nerons in a brain. There are a lot of similarities the human brain and the internet in structure of this network and the way it works.

It is always growing and adapting as new data is added and new computers and servers connect to it as time increases. It has adapted in a radical way from it’s early origins and also has pockets outside of public access called intranets, internal business networks which can be accessed through the internet.

The internet is constantly responding to stimuli as every time you click on a link or do a search etc you are sending packets of data, in which you receive a response by receiving data back and the page changing.

Reproduction – Data which passes through the internet is constantly being downloaded and therefore reproduced. The internet itself cannot reproduce as it is a collective entity, made up of the sum of data that is available at any one time, dependent on the availability of servers and computers with internet access.

The definition of Metabolism – “(from Greek μεταβολισμός (metabolismos), “outthrow”) is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments.”

If the internet is growing, reproducing, has maintained structures and also responds to us, the the internet must have a metabolism of some sort.

We have just covered what defines life and the internet passes all the requirements, however this doesn’t make it conscious or intelligent. For all we know some sort of intelligence and consciousness may have developed and may be in development. The power and intelligence such a network could have is unimaginable. I would have access to all the history and knowledge in the world and could read every document and book on the internet. It would learn very quickly, starting like a child and use association from the data to determine what is correct information.

It would be impossible to kill the internet consciousness as such as system would most likely copy parts of itself onto every computer and server in the world, just like an instant virus that we would probably never be able to identify and remove. This would also come under reproduction and would be the final step to make the internet as real and alive as it could possibly get.

Will this ever happen? It’s quite likely that this will happen one day but whether or not it could start without human assistance is another matter. For all we know it could be AI software stored on servers which could be the spark needed to germinate the life of the internet entity.

There i also the new generation of atomic computers which are still under research and development, one of these computers on it’s own could be as powerful as a brain.

Lets just hope when it happens it’s not against humans.

3D Printing the future of shopping???

With advancements in 3D printing it now seems that one day we won’t even have to leave home to go shopping for new furniture or even clothing. 3D printers are already in use around the world for prototype design… You simply input the design plans and it will construct the item laser at a time using a laser that bonds particles of plastic / resin etc.

Is is entirely feasible that one day we will just shop online to see what item we would want and then download the data which would be inputted into a 3D printer which every home should have in the next 20 – 30 years.

Before doing so obviously we want to see what the item looks like in the flesh so to speak, so how can we do this and see what the product is like in real life before buying?

The answer is another technology which everyone will have a lot sooner that the 3D printer, 3D hologram Televisions!

constructing fabrics would may be a bit more difficult but could be done is the printers were to incorporate nano robots which could weave the clothes; pretty much like little robotics spiders which spin cotton instead of silk.

with the current rate of technological advancement these things may come a lot sooner than expected, I would say 20 – 30 years is being very conservative.

Clothing technology is a big new business which will emerge in the next 5 – 10 years which smart clothing which can not only change design and colours as you desire, but can also generate electricity from static, friction and the movement of your body. One day you will simply buy a blank pair of jeans, or t-shirt and will download the design from Nike or a certain designer (paying the brand for the usage) and then uploading to your smart jeans.

I’m just wondering if they will all be dry clean only! at least the colours wouldn’t run in the wash.. However is your t-shirt got infected by a virus you could have it displaying all kinds of offensive language!

“K” The worlds most powerful computer

The title of the most powerful computer in the world has just been won by a machine in japan named “K”. The machine features in the specilist magazine top 500 which has a 6 monthly look at the fastest and most powerful systems around the world.

The powerful computer is used to run math models for engineering and scienftific research.
Computer science professor at the University of Tennessee, Jack
Jack Dongarra is a professor of computer science and is one of the team who put together the Top500 list. He described the machine as having the processing power of over one million home computer systems.

That sure is one powerful machine and something I would love to ghet my hand on, talk about multitasking!