Logic Computer Services now has a a sister name Logic Games Console Repairs Not only do we fix computers, we now have all the equipment and facilities to allow us to repair game consoles in the famous   PS3 Repair YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) a problem long suffered and caused by overheating of the system which results in the breaking of the solder.

This solder issue is also apparent on the XBox 360 Repair

Wii Repair which Has the RROD (Red Ring of Death) also attributed to the same solder issue.  This can be resolved on both by re-flowing the solder however this is not always a permanent solution so we are now offering customers the option to have re-balling work done to the GPU.  This is a more time consuming and difficult procedure in removing the soldered graphics chip from the motherboard and cleaning off the solder before re-applying 100 or so tiny balls of lead solder which offers more flexibility and will no break.

We also do deal with Wii Repair and handheld consoles: -
DS Repair and even Sony PSP Repair.

We can do all types of repairs and replace any broken parts or lasers etc.

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