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Has the WORLD gone tablet cRaZy!???

It seems like more and more people are choosing to opt into a streamline tablet lifestyle, I personally don’t see that it would suit me at all.. You have to look at the pro’s and con’s of tablet computing.

If you are considering ditching your laptop or Desktop computer and just having a tablet sush and the ipad, please think about the following before you do.

Tablets don’t have built in disk drives for installing your software, printer, watching DVD’s and listening to music from CD etc. Also you obviously can’t burn all the stuff you download onto disk for other people.

If you write a lot then it will slow you down a lot unless you use a plug in USB keyboard. because tablets are small they don’t have a lot of storage space and are not very powerful.. Not good for proper photo or video editing, not good for playing PC type games.

You may at this point be asking, what good are they??? Well if you just want to use for internet and email on the move they are probably ideal for you.. If you think you will ever want to do anything more then get a laptop!

Hard Drive Prices Soar!

Who would have thought that flooding all the way across the world could have such an impact impact on us here in the UK.  It turns out that most of the hard drives produced around the world are made in Thailand factories, Western Digital, Seagate, fujitsu and toshiba to name but a few.

The recovery period is expected to take till mid to late 2012 and untill then the high costs and scarcity of hard drives will affect consumers across the world.  The price of an actual hard disk drive has more than doubled over the past month and is likely to increase again possibly to over 4 times the original cost!

Due to the high pricing there’s an opportunity to solid state drives to sell more if they can increase the capacity and lower the pricing.  The cost of laptops and desktops pc’s are going to rise in the next couple of months and we could be talking about an extra £100 on the cost of a computer by march.