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Named and Shamed:  C-Fab Engineering  The name you CAN’t Trust


C Fab Engineering - Denny, Scotland

The Company You CAN'T trust!

We recently done a job for C-Fab engineering and spent a couple of hours at their premises after travelling all the way from Bo’ness to Denny.  We carried out tests on 3 computer and performed tune-up’s on all 3.  Additional work on the 3rd computer correcting various problems and reconnecting it to their network  and supplying wireless networking equipment.

the 30 days invoicing period passed and we received no payment.  we have been contacting them by phone and email for the last couple fo weeks and have either been ignored or had the phone hung up on us.  They are refusing to pay for no good reason and are the 1st of the hundreds of businesses we have dealt with, that have ever acted in such an unprofessional manner and refused to pay us for work carried out!

Yes that’s C-Fab Engineering in Denny as per the address below: -

C-Fab Engineering Ltd

Unit 6
Winchester Avenue


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Update 10.06.13 – Still received no acknowledgement or payments from CFAB Engineering in Denny, Falkirk.  I think we will be forced to resort to legal action against Robert Crow and CFAB.

Update 02.09.13 – court action will be required for recovery of the debt, still no response to various emails, thanks  C Fab; thanks Mr Crow.