iOS 7.0 – First impressions count

Meet iOS 7. The latest update to the iProduct software from Apple.

First impressions count, after all since June 29th 2007, when Apple released the first ever iPhone, they stunned the technology world. This was the first step into the phone arena by Apple. But after 6 years of having the constant same layout and design for the iOS home screen and display, they are renovaiting it for the customers.

The Scheme behind iOS 7 is the neutral and transparenty of their Icons themselves. Imagine instead of Sharp images, that stand out too much on the screen, a layer of 3 different images on the one screen itsself.

The layers that Apple are using are the Background image, the Home Screen and then the notification center. Putting these onto different layers provides a 3D look of the screen, combined with the phones Accelometer, Apple have designed a flat Holographic Image on the Screen, something that George Lucas hisself would approve in Star Wars.

The new colour combination for iOS on the Application buttons on the Home Screen are spectacular, as it provides a new insight to making everything feel more relaxed.

Over all, just by the new layout, this seems to be a good step forward. But lets hope that once the iOS has been released to the public, we dont face the many bugs that have plagued us when iOS 6.0 was released to us. Looks like the next few months will count, as the release date is set for Fall this year, which will most likely be the end of September into October, to coincide with a new iPhone release if they release one this year.

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