Asus X501U Laptop

With all laptop manafacturers comes a delight, with some come a dissappointment. Introducing to the stage, the Asus X501U, This is a lightweight in the ring, weighing at 2kg, this is one of the lightest Laptops around to boast a 15.6 inch LCD. The processing unit, intregrated to the motherboard, is the AMD C60, at a staggering, you wont guess it, but 1 GHz. Which in the eyes of all PC gamers, it’s as fast as being stuck out side in the winter, and catching a cold. On top of that, this laptop tries to boast about the amount of Random Access Memory inside it. 2 GB of RAM, maximum is 4 GB.  The is no DVD Drive inside the system.

Introducing the operating system, you got it, the latest one from Microsoft, Windows 8.
Windows 8 is designed with Mobile Technology in mind, meaning it is designed to be able to be portable. It is a good choice for a laptop like this, but it still has so many tweaks to it, and bugs still out inside Applications made for this system on the Windows Store. Windows 8 is ideal to have, and only should be used on Tablet Devices and Touch Screen Devices.

All I can say is Asus has rushed to put a laptop out on the market to try and grab the attention from Client’s who would rather wait it out until after the new year when more Tablet PCs become available. Again, the Price is £280 or more, not worth the time.

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