Mac OSX – it’s the Apple way!

Mac OSX may sound like a scottish clan but it’s what apple named its operating system by incorporating X, the roman numeral for ten. before the 10.0 versions i believe it was just name the mac os and not IV as is 9 in numerals.

We at logic are busy training and developing our skills in something thats totally alien to us; apple mac’s. With the knowledge of PC repairs you may think it’s an easy enough thing to learn but you would be wrong. 75% of what you know goes straight out the window. It’s like swapping your car with an alien spaceship and then trying to reverse engineer it to find out exactly how everything works together.

We are professionals and won’t be beaten, through this extensive training that we are currently undertaking we should be mac experts within the next week or so after we master networking with windows based computers and a few other fun subjects.

One complete, we will finally be repairing mac’s! Watch this space!

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