iOS 7.0 – First impressions count

Meet iOS 7. The latest update to the iProduct software from Apple.

First impressions count, after all since June 29th 2007, when Apple released the first ever iPhone, they stunned the technology world. This was the first step into the phone arena by Apple. But after 6 years of having the constant same layout and design for the iOS home screen and display, they are renovaiting it for the customers.

The Scheme behind iOS 7 is the neutral and transparenty of their Icons themselves. Imagine instead of Sharp images, that stand out too much on the screen, a layer of 3 different images on the one screen itsself.

The layers that Apple are using are the Background image, the Home Screen and then the notification center. Putting these onto different layers provides a 3D look of the screen, combined with the phones Accelometer, Apple have designed a flat Holographic Image on the Screen, something that George Lucas hisself would approve in Star Wars.

The new colour combination for iOS on the Application buttons on the Home Screen are spectacular, as it provides a new insight to making everything feel more relaxed.

Over all, just by the new layout, this seems to be a good step forward. But lets hope that once the iOS has been released to the public, we dont face the many bugs that have plagued us when iOS 6.0 was released to us. Looks like the next few months will count, as the release date is set for Fall this year, which will most likely be the end of September into October, to coincide with a new iPhone release if they release one this year.

Its the Season to be Jolly..

“Its the Season to be Jolly..”

That time of the year again. Christmas is only a few days away. Thinking of what to get your family or friends. Anything can happen on Boxing Day, so be careful with those new laptops or PCs,  but if something does happen, or something goes wrong, don’t panic or stress. There will always be a technician at hand.

Logic Computer Services will be open on Boxing Day, at 93 La Porté Precinct, Grangemouth, FK3 9AW, Next to Loydd’s Bank and opposite William Hill. You can call us on 01324 47 44 11, or 0800 612 3375. No task is too big! So phone us, or drop by, and we will get you back up and running again.

32 bit or 64 bit. The realism

So you want to buy a PC, or build one. You have a choice of an Operating system. Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit or 64 bit, whats the difference.

Well, the difference is how the PC can handle it. To run a 64 bit version, your CPU and GPU must be compatible. 64 bit machines are highly prefered by PC Gamers, Video Editors, Music Editors, Photography or Graphic Designers and Web Designers. The difference isnt as simple to notice when you look at it.

Think of a motor way, being 32 bits wide, there is more bottlenecks going to occur on your processor, thus slowing down the system even for a matter of seconds. Being 64 bits wide, these bottlenecks occur less. Meaning when your processor does slow down, you hardly relise it, because of the bottle neck being a matter of Miliseconds.

You need all the Hardware to be sutible to Support the 64 bit version, which means a Processor like an AMD Phenom II x4 or higher, or an Intel i5.

If you are thinking Random Access Memory, a 32 bit version can only recognize 4 GB, but is only able to use 3.5 GB, where if you use a 64 bit version, of say, Windows 7 Home Premium, and you want 8GB of RAM, then you can use that 8 GB of RAM. Windows 7 64 bit can use upto 128 GB, not like you will need that amount of RAM for another 25 Years atleast.

So be smart, and come ask us about the System you want to run. We can help!

Asus X501U Laptop

With all laptop manafacturers comes a delight, with some come a dissappointment. Introducing to the stage, the Asus X501U, This is a lightweight in the ring, weighing at 2kg, this is one of the lightest Laptops around to boast a 15.6 inch LCD. The processing unit, intregrated to the motherboard, is the AMD C60, at a staggering, you wont guess it, but 1 GHz. Which in the eyes of all PC gamers, it’s as fast as being stuck out side in the winter, and catching a cold. On top of that, this laptop tries to boast about the amount of Random Access Memory inside it. 2 GB of RAM, maximum is 4 GB.  The is no DVD Drive inside the system.

Introducing the operating system, you got it, the latest one from Microsoft, Windows 8.
Windows 8 is designed with Mobile Technology in mind, meaning it is designed to be able to be portable. It is a good choice for a laptop like this, but it still has so many tweaks to it, and bugs still out inside Applications made for this system on the Windows Store. Windows 8 is ideal to have, and only should be used on Tablet Devices and Touch Screen Devices.

All I can say is Asus has rushed to put a laptop out on the market to try and grab the attention from Client’s who would rather wait it out until after the new year when more Tablet PCs become available. Again, the Price is £280 or more, not worth the time.

Mac OSX – it’s the Apple way!

Mac OSX may sound like a scottish clan but it’s what apple named its operating system by incorporating X, the roman numeral for ten. before the 10.0 versions i believe it was just name the mac os and not IV as is 9 in numerals.

We at logic are busy training and developing our skills in something thats totally alien to us; apple mac’s. With the knowledge of PC repairs you may think it’s an easy enough thing to learn but you would be wrong. 75% of what you know goes straight out the window. It’s like swapping your car with an alien spaceship and then trying to reverse engineer it to find out exactly how everything works together.

We are professionals and won’t be beaten, through this extensive training that we are currently undertaking we should be mac experts within the next week or so after we master networking with windows based computers and a few other fun subjects.

One complete, we will finally be repairing mac’s! Watch this space!

Customer Feedback System

We have just launched a new customer feedback system, This way previous customers can leave details of the service we provided and this is can be viewed by new prospective customers coming across the website.

This was put into action yesterday and is now accessible on this blog at the address: –

Windows 8 (otherwise known as windows hate)

Microsoft have allowed a feature in widows 8 that allows the software to be installed and run from external storage devices such as flash drives or external hard drives.

usb bootable windows 8 operating system

It’s unclear at this stage whether or not this feature will be available to all users or just for enterprise, there is also a small cost attached.. reportedly $50 per seat.

A safety measure built in to ensure no data loss, freezes the computer if the USB drive is removed; then allowing the user to continue after a period of 60 seconds.





due to increasing demands of mobile broadband and the emergence of 4g networks a fast solutions is required to keep up with the increasing demands of peoples dependance to access data on the move..  Over the next year we will see the reasignement of the analogue TV broadcating equipment in order to meet the demand.



Has the WORLD gone tablet cRaZy!???

It seems like more and more people are choosing to opt into a streamline tablet lifestyle, I personally don’t see that it would suit me at all.. You have to look at the pro’s and con’s of tablet computing.

If you are considering ditching your laptop or Desktop computer and just having a tablet sush and the ipad, please think about the following before you do.

Tablets don’t have built in disk drives for installing your software, printer, watching DVD’s and listening to music from CD etc. Also you obviously can’t burn all the stuff you download onto disk for other people.

If you write a lot then it will slow you down a lot unless you use a plug in USB keyboard. because tablets are small they don’t have a lot of storage space and are not very powerful.. Not good for proper photo or video editing, not good for playing PC type games.

You may at this point be asking, what good are they??? Well if you just want to use for internet and email on the move they are probably ideal for you.. If you think you will ever want to do anything more then get a laptop!

Hard Drive Prices Soar!

Who would have thought that flooding all the way across the world could have such an impact impact on us here in the UK.  It turns out that most of the hard drives produced around the world are made in Thailand factories, Western Digital, Seagate, fujitsu and toshiba to name but a few.

The recovery period is expected to take till mid to late 2012 and untill then the high costs and scarcity of hard drives will affect consumers across the world.  The price of an actual hard disk drive has more than doubled over the past month and is likely to increase again possibly to over 4 times the original cost!

Due to the high pricing there’s an opportunity to solid state drives to sell more if they can increase the capacity and lower the pricing.  The cost of laptops and desktops pc’s are going to rise in the next couple of months and we could be talking about an extra £100 on the cost of a computer by march.